West Virginia Concealed Carry Change

NOTICE: The following article was written prior to WV State Attorney General’s clarification that the law will go into effect on May 24th.  For that official announcement, please visit http://www.ago.wv.gov/pressroom/2016/Pages/Attorney-General-Morrisey-Provides-Guidance-on-Constitutional-Carry-Implementation.aspx

Beginning June 5, anyone over age 21 who can legally possess a firearm will be allowed to carry it concealed on their person in West Virginia without having to obtain a permit. While West Virginia has allowed open carry in the past, they required a permit to carry a concealed firearm. With the new law the state will become the eighth in the nation to implement what gun rights activists call “constitutional carry.”

In early March, the West Virginia legislature overturned the veto of Democratic Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin to allow permitless gun carry in the state.

The law also implements a provisional permit for those between the ages of 18 and 20 who wish to carry a concealed firearm within the state. Previously, people age 18 to 20 could not legally obtain a permit to carry.

As a lifetime resident of West Virginia and someone who has held a permit to carry concealed for several years, I plan to keep my permit for the purpose of reciprocity with other states as I travel a good bit to surrounding states where the permit will still be required.

While I have mixed feelings on certain aspects of this section of code and local law enforcement, among others, was fairly outspoken about their concern in passing this legislation, it is certainly a win for the NRA and does take another step to assure the right of citizens to possess firearms.

To review the actual bill as passed into law, you may review HB4145

For reciprocation information, we recommend reviewing – Concealed carry permit reciprocity maps at www.usacarry.com

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  • campin15_wp

    Just curious – are you planning to get your permit anyway so that you can carry legally in other states, etc. or what is everyone’s thought?

    • RANDY


      • don w mccauley

        they better read up on the conceal carry laws, you can’t just shoot a person just because their pissed if they read the manual because they could end up in prison that is the last resort to shoot a man. you must try running or getting away from the conflict before shooting a man i have had a carry permit for 35 or more year and haven’t shot any one yet because i like my freedom to well, but have never had to use the privilege yet. just my opinion.

        • Anonymous

          It scares you to death to travel anywhere. ..with everyone armed now.

          • Anonymous

            Yea but it’ll make the bad guys think to now…

          • Anonymous

            Especially if you ain’t carrying

          • Anon

            People are already armed, what makes you think you’ll be less safe than before. Stupid idiot.

          • John

            criminals have ALWAYS concealed carry without permits… responsible people wont shoot for no reason with or without one. You are in no more danger now than you were when law abiding citizens had more limitations on carrying than the criminals, and likely in considerably LESS danger.

          • Anonymous

            This already happens..

          • Anonymous

            Not everyone is armed…only those w/a concealed permit or someone illegal. The illegals are the ones to be afraid of.

          • Kayla

            I am happy for constitutional carry. These comments are ridiculous. Crime hasn’t increased in the last year. I’d rather more law abiding citizens carry them not as long as they have the proper training and know gun safety. The laws are harsher if you are caught with a gun illegally. As for the comment every drug dealer and addict will have a gun At least I will have one to protect myself as well.

          • Boonie Jarvis

            they were armed before, you never noticed

        • Jason Young

          I AGREE! Had my permit for almost 20 years. Had car accidents. Have family in the WVSP. Can’t say I’ve shot anyone either during either of the times my car OR motorcycle was hit. Common sense. Anonymous needs to let their balls drop and not be afraid to let people know who they are. If you’re THAT AFRAID, voice your opinion AND STAND BEHIND IT!

        • Tim

          West Virginia has ” No duty to retreat ” or Castle law. You do not have to run and hide. You have the Right to defend yourself.

        • Anonymous

          It’s a stand your ground law no you can’t just shoot someone but you don’t have to run your only covered if you can prove it was self defense or someone else was in danger of losing their life

        • Anonymous

          Do you think we are stupid?

        • Don W Mccauley, My Dads name was Donnie W Mccauley & He was born & raised in WV.. Elkins WV I believe is where he was from.. I am just wondering if you could be a relative, I have lost my dad & most of his siblings to God and have been missing them all so much.. I know he has told me growing up that he has alot of relatives in WV.. Actually he said if their last name is Mccauley then they are more & like related.. Lol My Grand Parents names Were Sonny & not sure how you spell or say my grandmother’s first name, but believe it to be like Uteris but went by Lorraine.. I never knew her first name was Uteris until a couple years before my dad past away.. Anyhow, I would love to know if you are a relative & hopefully meet your family.. God Bless You & your family… Also you are so right about the concealed gun & you need to do whatever you can to get away before shooting and killing someone.. Very Wise advice.. Thank you,

        • i like it now wen you are catfishing and you have a dam coyes comeing to you well then its time

        • J.Cundiff

          We are a Castle Doctrine State. You do not have to run or retreat in any manner. To protect life.

        • wvtireman

          Wrong read up on the castle doctrine you no longer have to go hide . It’s also know as stand your ground law . Wv does have it .

        • Anonymous

          Absolutely hilarious!! Those thugs and hotheads have been carrying all their lives! Wake up people!

      • Anonymous

        Defintley. Addicts an hot headed people should have a anger management class or something before packing it gonna b dangerous I’m like u I pray for us all. God bless

      • Daniel Hall

        I thought the same thing at first but after thinking about it more I realize that all the adicts and hot heads are probably already carrying a weapon anyway because they don’t care if they do get caught, so at least now more good people can be carrying concealed

      • samantha

        Just because a bill was passed to allow people to carry does not mean the nut job addicts will NOW start carrying ….news flash they already do. That’s what makes me so mad, you people act like nobody Breaks the law haha. Criminals don’t apply for a concealed carry…. They all carry anyway.

        • Jim

          I really doubt that most addicts carry, they spend their money on drugs until they get so disparate they have to resort to robbery. Now if you are talking about people involved with the actual drug trafficking I would agree.

          • karen

            You are wrong! they do carry! and not do they not have a permit to carry, most of their guns are unregistered ”street guns” I know this

      • Wreckington

        Every one of the people you just mentioned could already be carrying illegally, I don’t think anything will change.

        • Anonymous

          The only thing that changes is the assailant will have to expect that his victim might also be carrying legally, and folks who legally can carry practice with their guns, so they’re not going to miss….

      • Bryan

        Do you think they were not already carrying. Because they have respect for the law HUH????

      • blahblahblah

        You say prayers for us all like it makes that big a difference. Sorry but in all actuality chances are the people that you’re Really worried about carrying concealed would be carrying regardless of the laws. Yes a lot of idiots that have no business even carrying a fork but also people that only want to protect themself and others will carry as well and that gives everyone something to think about. I think it’s safe to say that one could assume that crime rate will drop do to the fact that everyone can think everyone is carrying and can protect themself if things would go to that and think twice about and more then likely change their mind and not cause trouble so to speak. Sure they’ll be a hand full that will and probably be made an example and then others that are thinking of doing something will change It up find something else to do and not take the chance on getting shot. Good and bad in everything friend but everyone has the right to protect themself and a lot of people freak out at just the sight of someone carrying a gun that they can see. Even someone being nice and holding a door open or helping someone pick something up they dropped or even saying hey how are you today people look at you like ya wann a rob them or something. Look at the people that’s been being killed for whatever reason and found in the woods somewhere or something. Maybe if they were carrying they May still have the luxury that we have and still be on this side of the dirt walking around breathing as we are. Just my thoughts some of which being cause I’ve had the law called on me just because I had one stuck in my wasteline and unfortunately got arrested because the officers that showed up had a lack of knowledge and tried charging me with a concealed gun cause it wasn’t in a holster. Morons!!

      • Anonymous

        I doubt hot heads and junkies have been waiting for the law to pass just to carry. Im going to do drugs illegally but carry my guns legal… haha yea…

      • Dave

        I see this is starting to spread speculations and a lot of “what if’s”. Let’s keep things focused here folks. Criminals do not care about any carrying laws. If criminals can get a gun and carry, they will and do so now. This law gives any law abiding person the chance and opportunity to defend ones self and others should the need arise. It gives law abiding citizens peace of mind to carry without fear of prosecution. I do feel that people should at least take the imitative to learn some do’s and don’ts while carrying. Online course maybe. I took one and it helps you to pre think confidence to act or not act. Example: Your in a store and you meet your buddy. Your buddy wants to check out and see your gun. You then un holster your gun and show it to him. A store employee sees this and calls police. Security cameras did indeed catch you doing this. You are now arrested for brandishing a loaded firearm. You are found guilty of this and now you are no longer allowed to possess a firearm.

      • Anonymous

        Amen to that praying for all

      • Charles Alan Turner

        Criminals and drug addicts don’t care about the law I wish people would wake up and realize that! This is our constitutional right as free Americans! I guarantee crime rates decrease! Because now you never know! Even with the right to carry, Even with a justified shooting still carries major ramifications along with a lot of tough questions to be answered! So stick to your guns and use Responsibly! !

      • Don hall

        People have carried for years openly and conceal with out a state money laundering scam called a carry permit! Most your shooting are done with illegally purchased weapons by felons! So how does these laws help protect us? They don’t, it’s just a way for the states to make money from legal and non-convicted criminals!

    • Nina

      I have taken the class and am getting my permit, I’m not going to say a permit should be but the class should be a must for everyone’s safety

    • Chris

      I don’t like this silly law. I got my permit anyway to show respect for Law Enforcement. It shows the difference between responsible citizens, and thugs. My sister was killed by a maniac with a gun. This is a terrible law for women, children, law enforcement officers, etc. As a lifelong Republican, I’m considering a change in parties. I’m not leaving the party, rather the party has left me…It’s a shame because conservatives have made such huge strides in the state. This is going reverse that. Common sense is dead within the party.

      • Wreckington

        This law changes nothing, all the people you’re so afraid will be carrying now, already were.

      • Anonymous

        How does it signify the difference between thugs and honest ppl…facts please not opinions!

        • Dave

          Simple…..thugs do not care about a carrying law. They are already carrying if that is what they want to do. You are law abiding so you do what the law says. If that law is to not carry, you don’t carry. Tell me who has a better chance when things go really wrong….

      • Robert Hovatter

        Goodbye liberal moron we don’t need you in our party the Democrat’s could use you! What part of the 2nd Amendment of shall not be infringed don’t you understand?

      • dot frey

        I am an old woman and I like the new law. thugs and senior abusers will think twice before trying to push us seniors around. specially when we are carrying.

    • zach


      • Robert

        Zach, as the father of an addict in recovery (11+ years clean and sober). He has never robbed anyone or committed a crime other than buying illegal drugs. He has never been arrested. He is a successful businessman and possesses a concealed handgun permit from the state he resides in. I want to let you know that I understand where you are coming from. Addiction is a disease that most do not understand. It affects all races, both sexes, all ages and all occupations. It affects everyone. It not only hurts the addict it also hurts their loved ones. I pray every night and morning that my son makes it through another day. He is no different from my other child other than the fact he has a disease that he will never be cured from. Thank you for your viewpoint. It was needed and God bless you for staying clean and sober.

      • Greg

        If you are an “addict” you are not legally allowed to purchase a gun. Read the form you have to fill out, not sure what number it is but the question is asked are you now or have you been

      • KnowTheTruth

        True. And not everyone who carries a gun without a permit is a criminal and isnt trained. I damn sure can hit a target any time. On top of that, i know how to handle a wide range of weaponry. Probably more than these ignorant commenters. Most importantly, i have the natural god given right to bear arms. No man will tell me different. Of course they tried though lol. And i still aint spent a day in prison. Funny whenever you see the officers and all they can do is look the other way in shame for lack of knowledge.

      • BamaBen

        The people saying that about addicts, are actually some of the ones to be afraid of. They seem to categorize others as a whole instead of as individuals. I am not an addict, thug, loonie, or criminal, but I have had a State-issued concealed carry license for years, not out of fear of the aforementioned groups…but out of fear of the people who would mistake me for one of the aforementioned groups simply because I am Black. Kinda sucks, don’t it Zach…

      • Chris

        Zach, turn off the ALL CAPS. It makes you look like you are yelling. You don’t need to shout, you are extremely valid and on point.
        I am the aunt of two addicts. Let’s be real for a moment. I agree with you that addicts are being unfairly targeted. I’m going to go a little further. When one is an addict, in need of the next fix, the likelihood of owning anything of intrinsic value, such as a gun, is highly unlikely. It’s more likely to be sold or traded for the value of whatever the vice of choice is…for the next round. That has been my experience with addicted human beings. That is not a disparagement, it’s a fact, addicts will do what they need to do, to survive. An addict needs their drug of choice to survive and will “hustle it, by any means necessary”, taking the path of least resistance, for it. That would be selling or trading what they have of value, for the drug.
        The fear is notably unfounded, that an addict will, willy nilly, start randomly shooting folks, simply because, if they had a gun, they would use it for its monetary value, rather than its purpose. That’s reality.
        I believe, the key to unraveling and eliminating addiction is to make people aware of what addiction means in common sense terms. When it’s fully understood, by the most of the population, it can be fully eradicated.
        Congratulations, to you, Zachary, on your successful recovery, and many prayers for you. You’re doing great and you are so worth it! And thank you, for being authentic, and putting yourself out here, for this cause.

      • Anonymous

        if you was an addict then that alone shows you have poor restraint and no control or you wouldn’t have been an addict in the first place

    • b

      I plan to get my permit too. My son will get his too.

    • I think it’s great every state should allow its citizens to Carry a handgun With out permit a lot of lives would be saved and its are 2nd amendment rights

    • Anonymous

      I have my permit and plan to renew it when due because I can carry in other states with it. I hope and pray I never have to use it, but better prepared than not.

    • Anonymous

      My husband and I have legal carry permits….we still think the permits should be required because this now allows anyone to carry a gun rather they know how to use it and handle it properly or not…we live in a scary enough country…we are both residence of West Virginia

    • J.Teaster

      Another reason is the safety class.There gonna be a lot of people getting shot self inflicted.My wife and I has our permits.We live in NC.

    • Anonymous

      I have a permit but before this bill even if you were a legally armed citizen in order to transport your firearm in a vehicle it had to be unloaded and separate from the ammunition what use is that? It is wonderful law! NOW we as law bidding citizens need to fight to have the regulations on class 3 weapons abolished! Why should We The People be forced to pay inflated prices and a special tax for outdated select fire weapons! While our Police, politicians, private contractors and any rock star can run right out and grab what ever they want criminals with no reguard for laws can modify or steal the weapons leaving the poor blue collar law abiding citizens defenseless to such an attack! It’s my belief all weapons!! Should be available to all legal law biting citizens in this country not just the upper echelon and criminals! Do you have an extra $16, 000 to spend on an Vietnam era M-16? If so all donations are appreciated! Lol

    • Anonymous

      For all those concerned for safely of law enforcement I’m pretty sure criminals were already packing illegally this bill didn’t change anything except for gonest people

    • People with bad intentions will carry reguardless of ANY law! It is our right to carry if we choose there should be NO LAW that states otherwise. I have had my permit for many years and I will always have it,helps out a lot when traveling and when I purchase another one.

  • Randy

    I will keep up my permit so I can carry out of state.

  • Moore

    Uh if I’m gonna go shoot someone this bill makes no difference I mean I get pals worries but when did a bill keep someone from standing by the law ,,,, never ppl do what they want if they would kill someone they would carry illegal anyway

    • Anonymous

      The largest problem is gonna be the ones primarily the younger ones who already think they do not have to answer to anyone, who isn’t smart enough to own a firearm, let alone carry one, but time will tell, hopefully I’m wrong, but as for me, I’ll keep my permit for the primary reason that the officer that may make a traffic stop for whatever reason, he will know that I have been properly trained and I will perform the responsible act of placing both hands on top of the steering and inform him that I do I have a firearm and that he is in no danger, unlike some of the idiots that are already claiming it’s none of their business

      • Cheryl Jordan

        I can’t wait to hear how many people will be killed after one year. Have you been attacked or shot yet?

        • Lee

          That is a crazy answer you can’t wait to see how many people r shot

          • Anonymous

            That just shows you one person right there that does not need a gun what an ignorant comment “you can’t wait to see how many people die” how stupid and immatur, people have been carrying illegally since the time firearms began it’s not going to change now

        • Sande

          WHAT?????..I pray that YOU do not carry Cheryl!!!!

  • Robin

    Now let’s go back and make gun safety class in schools.

    • Anonymous

      I agree! I’m not opposed of the of this bill at all, but do believe they should offer a gun safety class in highschools if non permit concealed carry is going to be implemented.

    • April

      Totally agree.. I can’t believe they took this out of the schools to begin with..

    • Icedog

      This is something I fully endorse! Teach firearm safety the same as you do for auto operation, shop class, etc!! People are true dopeheads who think guns should be a “mysterious and dangerous” thing. They are just a different type of ‘power tool’ and need to be operated safely by Trained individuals…..

  • Rob

    Amazing people say that because a law has been enacted, “Now every person at a car wreck will think this is the way to handle it instead of talking and every hot head & addict will be carrying”… WOW! This law allows LAW ABIDING citizens to carry… Same restrictions as before apply! Criminals NEVER obtained a permit!

    Right!… and we should just make a law that no one can break any law and then everything will be safe and free from crime!

    I guess people still believe in unicorns & the Easter Bunny?

    This law only strengthens public safety and does zero to put LE in more danger than they already were! Btw: I’m a retired trooper with over 25 years!

    • Anonymous

      At least someone gets it.

    • Anonymous

      What about the so called good guy that’s having a bad day and something just pushes him over the edge and the first person he sees puts a cap in their ass and kills them, for no damn reason, you know I’m all for the 2nd amendment but you damn redneck gun fanatics always wanna quote the 2nd amendment and leave out the 2 most important words “well regulated ” who do you think does the regulating cause you all are not capable of self regulation.

      • Henry lambert (not anonymous)

        Stay anonymous chickensh*t. How often do you see a law abiding “redneck” shoot somebody?

      • Anonymous

        First, I think the law takes effect three months from the date it was passed by the legislature, not from the date it was overridden. That date is in late May. Second, this should have been the law all along.

      • Take a history class b4 you start calling people “redneck gun fanatics” then maybe, just maybe you might know what a “Redneck” truely is.
        https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redneck would be a good start for you.

      • Anonymous

        Like our government is capable of self-regulation! Lmfao! The largest conglomerate of criminals ever in one place! If you really think that any of them will be looking out for your best interest!? Well then God Bless you! I have some beach front property in Arizona I will sell you! At a very reasonable rate!!

    • Mary

      Have you never stepped foot in a Walmart in this state? I was nearly attacked this week by a woman who didn’t appreciate my judgmental scowl (she was verbally abusing her child with expletives). They aren’t criminals yet. They’re just course people who lack self-discipline. Let them tote guns, and it’s all a foregone conclusion.

    • Anonymous

      I wish all law enforcement where as smart as you Rob, well said!

  • charles ramsey

    yes ive had a permit for several years and plan on keeping it in case of travel.

  • Bev

    I think this is a big mistakes. People will get pissed at over anything and start shooting

    • Jimmy

      Law abiding citizens won’t do this. They won’t risk losing their permit, or getting a felony. Only the criminals who are illegally carrying do this kind of thing.

  • RS

    Everyone should be allowed to carry but 18-20 yr olds no I am sorry but too young and immature for such a responsibility

    • Jimmy

      But it’s ok for them to go off to war, and use bigger guns, and risk their lives. They are also allowed to sign bonding contracts, like buying houses. Yes, they are allowed to protect themselves to. The 2nd amendment is for everyone.

    • allen

      What about allthe 18 to 20 year olds who have fought and died to preserve the many rights and freedoms that are taken for granted in our great country do you they would be responsible enough to carry concealed if they get back in country they can go die for us become amputees , suffer brain damge all sorts of attrocities but they can not go in a bar and have beer and now your telling them they can not carry a gun either not responsible enough for many years the government has seen that differently think aout what you say before you say it!

      • peinguin

        Have them check they’re guns when in city limits at there local police stationby check I’m mean to register a serial number

  • James

    Only part of the article that needs corrected is it was the WVCDL West Virginia Citizens Defense League and not the NRA that wrote and pushed for this bill! That is important because the WVCDL is comprised of our citizens and it’s an all-volunteer organization!!!

  • Mark Roby

    I believe its ridiculous. I’ve carried as a police officer and now a retired officer. I qualified multiple times yearly, and still must jump through hoops to have my retired nationwide carry. I am always pro gun. But people should have to go through training, at least to carry concealed. Otherwise every untrained idiot walking has a right to carry a concealed weapon. This untrained person will not know where he can and can not carry it, it will leave law enforcement vulnerable and it will lead to armed altercations with law enforcement and between untrained citizens. Leading to innocent civillians and armed untrained citizens being at risk from each other.
    Only idiots take freedom, and manipulate to a point where it becomes stupid. If you aren’t doing wrong and are LEGALLY able to obtain a CCP. Then whats the problem. Now everyone has the apparent ability to carry. Bad guys and good guys wont be distinguishable. Dumb very dumb

    • Tim

      Only idiots think Freedom is stupid..

    • Audrey

      Totally agree!!

    • Just Some Dude

      So my 17 years of operating firearms doesn’t count as training? I understand where you’re coming from, but the whole ccp is nothing more than money racket if you ask me. If the training was provided free (say highschool or in a vocational program) then your absolutely right. Having to pay to carry, however, makes no sense at all. Its paying to obtain your natural born right. Which, I might add, is at complete odds to what it means to live in a truly free state. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the importance of knowing where you are legally allowed and not allowed to carry. However that does not mean you should have to pay a fee to protect yourself.

      • Not doin' it

        Re: “So my 17 years of operating firearms doesn’t count as training? ”

        No, it doesn’t count for anything.

        Are you trained and current for combat situations? Are you completely clear on your state’s laws regarding what constitutes permissable use of lethal force? Chances are, no, and if you’re okay with removal of the only barrier to a bunch of uneducated, disgruntled white men (WV = worst economy, wost employment) carrying guns wherever they want, you may not be responsible enough to own firearms either.

        • Anonymous

          That is why FREE education is so important! And IMO should be Mandatory! To carry a weapon, I have a ccp it cost $100 which consisted of a 30 min video and a clip through a handgun at a paper target! And another $90 at the sheriff’s department to file finger print cards and a background check! That was the extent of it! Thank God I I’m a veteran! Because my training at the concealed carry class was a joke! We need to educate our wives, children, country! Not just for the revenue! A (FREE) Regulated well thought out hands on training for everyone by their local gun laws!

    • Donna

      As a retired police officer are you able to volunteer your time to teach young adults gun safety? Rather learn from you than on the streets.

    • Nomad0498

      I agree training should be required. In TX we had classroom training with a test and had to show range proficiency.

    • Anonymous

      I understand that education is a crucial role in all of this! I am a veteran of our armed services and ccp holder for 15 years now. Even with all this on hand I have been treated like a criminal when confronted by officers! For absolutely no other reason than having my firearm on my persons! and have way over stept, even though I remained clam and polite! I understand the concern, I understand the job I have been there. But not everyone carrying a weapon is a criminal or an idiot! Or deserves to be spoken to as such ! I believe with the new law there should be some sensitivity training for officer’s as well as everyone carrying a weapon ! This is just one man’s humble opinion! Thank you for your hard work and dedication sir!

  • Audrey

    I agree with Mark Roby on everything he said. I’m so glad I don’t live in W v anymore but I do worry about the family that are still there. Times are changing and it’s not for the good. Jesus help us all.

    • John

      ::sigh:: every time a new state finally realizes that limitations on rights are not rights, ie finally passes constitutional carry, i hear the exact same thing, its like you guys have a playbook… but in NO CASE has the incidence of gun violence among ordinary citizens risen as a result of constitutional carry. If anything crimes goes DOWN as criminals are cowards and now know that each “target” might be armed. The only way you should worry MORE about your family now than before is if they are thugs.

  • Lori

    People that open carry didn’t have to have training to do so, how does covering it up make it more dangerous? This is a legitimate question and not meant to cause an argument. I still plan on getting a permit because I go out of state quite a bit.

  • Barry

    I am from WV and in the past have spent many weekends driving up from my home in NC. With the new gun laws in WV I will be spending less time in WV and Insuspect others with families will also stop bringing tourism dollars to the Mountain State. Simply put …..Why?

    • Me

      Why will you be spending less time there? People are not just going to flood the gun stores and buy them all up because they can carry now. Sure some people who own guns might start carrying now if they hadn’t before but I bet they have shot their gun many times before so it’s ok. Criminals always carried guns illegally so that’s nothing new. I bet people who start carrying now either go to a range or a farm or even their backyard and get some target practice in and familiarize themselves with theor new gun! It is sad that you will stop going to a great state because you are so small minded amd believe in the hype

  • cynthia

    I think it’s about time this law had passed. Been along time coming.

  • Tim

    I live in West Virginia but most of my life happens in Maryland. Don’t I need to get a permit in Maryland and take the Hunter Saftey Class to carry over the state line?

  • campin15_wp

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  • campin15_wp

    We just posted a related follow-up story that you may be interested in – http://campingplots.com/idaho-joins-west-virginia-and-other-states-with-constitutional-carry/

  • Aaron Yeager

    There is a course by “The Conceal Carry UNIVERSITY” that is very good. I highly recommend it. (616-885-9008).

  • I would like to know just one thing. How many on this web page has actually shot or killed someone? I served in Vietnam and I must tell you that when you put your finger on the trigger, there isn’t any going back. You must shoot or you are dead. Then you have to live with it the fest of your life.

    • peinguin

      Its not about shooting someone its about being able to carry your freedom being able to defend life and justice with honor and desency

  • Gene Anderson

    I was 19 years old and was sent to Vietnam and you are telling me that I’m to young to carry. How many 19 and 20 year old names are on the Memorial RVN wall. I can go to war but you don’t want me to carry. Tell that to all the moms and dads that lost there sons and daughter’s.Think about what you are saying.

    • campin15_wp

      Gene – I removed your earlier post. Not trying to sensor your comments. I just felt you hit it all in this last one.

  • There is a lot of ignorance and misinformation regarding this bill and Constitutional Carry. Please everyone needs to stop reading media articles on it and read the actual bill. There are many places to read what it actually does and does not do.

    I have been awaiting this moment for a long time. I also plan on keeping my permit up to date so I can conceal out of state.

  • .

    iam from wv. great law wish ever state would do the same

  • CCW Permit Supporter

    Now all the morons that couldn’t get a CC before will be carrying now, a major fail for WV. I live in WV and held a CCW since 1977, been through five courses and see no way anyone should ever be allowed to carry without training. You have to pay and test to have to Drivers Licences but no training to carry a weapon… BS. The only people this serves is the people too lazy or unable to pass a course. I fell sorry for all the good law enforcement that have to deal with the flood of armed people, and the simple minded that should never be allowed with a gun.

    • Anonymous

      That is why FREE education is so important! And IMO should be Mandatory! To carry a weapon, I have a ccp it cost $100 which consisted of a 30 min video and a clip through a handgun at a paper target! And another $90 at the sheriff’s department to file finger print cards and a background check! That was the extent of it! Thank God I I’m a veteran! Because my training at the concealed carry class was a joke! We need to educate our wives, children, country! Not just for the revenue! A (FREE) Regulated well thought out hands on training for everyone by their local gun laws!

  • Vincent

    Too bad you won’t be able to carry here in Maryland. Maryland doesn’t have reciprocity does it?

  • Robert Hovatter

    You know some of you people kill me. What part of the 2nd Amendment don’t y’all undersatnd? Constitutional carry is the proper way and the only way that agrees with the 2nd Amendment. Other States have had this for years with no mass amount of problems. All I keep hearing is what if this happens or what if that happens. Give me a break if this happens or that happens then charge the individual under the law if they commit a crime. What bothers me the most with everyone who is opposed to the law is they are willing to give up their 2nd Amassment right to carry. What other rights are you willing to surrender? How about we have a permit to preach in churches or speak freely in public. How about we give out permits to own your personal property. Where does it end? Don’t give up any of your rights! The 2nd Amendment was written for us to be able to protect ourselves against being attacked not just from other people but our very own government.

  • Mike

    Well obviously whoever wrote this doesn’t really know what they are talking about because the law goes into effect the 25th of May not June 5th.

    • campin15_wp

      The bill completed legislative action on 3-5-16 and has been reported in various media outlets as effective 90 Days After. While the header for the bill indicates 90 days from passage, it is our understanding that this is 90 days from completion of action. Everyone should confirm for themselves the legality of carrying during May (or any time for that matter)

  • peinguin

    So I’m a dealer addict or anarchist for having a concealed weapon that’s the biggest load of bullshit hipocritical propoganda I’m a very intulectual man who is in a rut and can’t afford the permit cost but I enjoy relaxing at the range for a few to label some one isn’t right I’m not saying those people don’t exist cause they do but what the public has to see is for the chamber to empty a force must rest on the trigger

  • Tony

    That means keep away from people with “road rage ” IF you get what i mean. Bite your tongue or you may get shot.

  • Randy

    It is better to have a gun and not need it than to need it and not have one.

  • Nathan Aaron

    It’s being proven that our lax gun laws in this country are resulting in terrorists being able to obtain weapons extremely easy. Our inability to follow basic laws and guidelines in order to make EVERYONE feel safe and secure is resulting in the exact thing Republicans throw their fearmongering tactics at U.S. citizens daily. “The terrorists are coming to kill us!” And with the very weapons we are supplying them. Yet we fall for it, and the NRA’s idiotic demands all the time.

    The NRA bans weapons in all of their conferences and conventions. How are people this stupid to still be members of such a horrific group? It’s all about money to them. Deaths and blood on their hands? More green will wash that away.

    The constitution states WELL REGULATED. These permitless Wild West laws are idiotic and will result in more unneeded deaths. All so gun fanatics can feel “safe” while making the rest of us fearful. This country is losing its way quickly. And it’ll come back to bite us. If you want to own a gun, you should push for basic proper regulation, background checks, permits and training. Otherwise, you are part of the problem.

  • Kim

    Most of the drug addicts cant afford a gun cause they spend every last dime on dope. They will however steal your stuff to get dope and YOU better believe the drug dealers have guns. What do you think the thiefs trade the stolen stuff for. The young 18 and under thiefs have a cool older cousin making straw purchases to get the guns. Proud conceal carrier here in the state of West Virginia and appreciate and respect the right to do so in other states. Those straw purchases though. They gotta stop. You got 18 year olds with ARs/AKs and the likes. They have zero training and even less common sense.

    • Ddarla

      Well … I see it this way. With the epidemic of dope and dope dealers. If you wanna keep what you’ve worked hard to own. You’d better have a gun. Better take it with ya when ya leave the house… permit or not… or you may not have it when ya get back home. Bartender for 30 yrs… never had to kill nobody.. terrorist and dopers are so bad now that it’s called not being stupid to protect yourself. I’m glad it’s this way… a knife at a gun-fight just ain’t fair… I know how to use my gun and would only use it to protect me & mine!!! I think it’s a very good idea. I had a background check when I bought my gun.. I do agree that part should remain… we’ve gave terrorists enough guns but need to May a stand on war on drugs. Break in my home or rob my person. I can’t escape… Yeah… I’m shooting. Happy to be a gun owner!!! Think it’s all a good idea

  • Chris

    All criminals and addicts have always carried. You guys act like this is something new now. Wake up. All criminal and addicts carry a gun they always have. It’s the law abiding citizens that’s never carried but now that you can it makes you think. But instead of realizing the reality of things you’re just being conceited about it. Wake up I think the entire us should be like this. Everyone should have a rite to conceal a weapon.

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