The Tiny Cabin Concept – The perfect hunting or fishing get-away

Do you have dreams of having the perfect fishing or hunting get-away cabin?  Have you Our cabinread all of the Internet hype about the ‘Tiny House’ movement?  It occurs to us that these two topics were made to go together.

With  small piece of land and one of these small cabin solutions, your dreams can become reality for a surprisingly affordable cost.  In this article we are going to show you how others are getting those camps all setup.  You may decide you want to do the same!

First off, we were amazed to find the range of options that are available for the would-be cabin owner.  From portable small cabins built on trailer type floor-plans that allow the owner to move the cabin to more permanent construction approaches, the one thing we found was an amazing amount of comfort in a small box with a small price tag attached.

Option 1
tiny house outside1If you want to fully customize your home away from home, you may wish to consider learning from the lessons of others.  There are several companies that can provide complete construction plans and floor-plans for models that work well or serve as a starting point for your creativity.  One such example is The Tiny Project.   In 2013, the owner of this site built his tiny house on wheels and has been living in it ever since.  On his site, he provides some excellent answers to frequently asked questions, floor plans, and photos of his and other tiny houses that would make excellent get-away retreats or even more long term living arrangements.  We were truly impressed with all of the creature comforts he built into this small space. tiny_house_inside1His complete construction plans can be purchased here as well.

Now, admittedly, he had a little higher total cost for construction than some of the other plans we reviewed but according to his site – “I spent a total of about $30,000 on my house, including the trailer, tools, all the nice stainless appliances — everything that went into it except for my labor. This is a lot compared to what others have spent to create a similar sized house, but it was because I chose materials for their beauty, sustainability and durability, not just on price.”

With plans such as these as a starting point, the possibilities are endless.  For more information about this approach, make sure to check out more photos and information at

Option 2

Not wanting to build it all from the ground up yourself?  One option that we love is purchasing small cabin kits or pre-built cabins and then adding the custom touches to make it pinecraft 1perfect.  The best thing about this approach is that basic kits for construction (external complete) start at well under $10,000 and the cottages/cabins we found are Amish construction that are delivered to your property approximately four weeks after ordering with a beautiful complete exterior and an open inside that, with a little creativity and construction effort, can be an amazing cabin.  One of the vendors we really liked was Pinecraft

Many of these cabins include covered porch areas, large windows, and beautiful external wood look while the interior is an open space large enough to frame separate living areas, bathrooms, or lofts.


With the exterior complete as soon as it is delivered, this gives you a dry, out of the weather area that is ready for you to stay in on your camp property while completing the required internal construction.

Add some insulation, plumbing to your water source and/or septic system, maybe a wood burning stove in the corner for heating and cooking, and it starts to look like home in no-time.  For a starter cabin or weekend get-away, this seems like a great plan to us.

We even found some great deals on wood stoves at for less than $300

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