The Nation’s Capital – A Camping Trip

Washington, D. C.For many, a trip to Washington, D.C. might not be something they would think of including camping but this is a great way to see the area and offers many conveniences that might surprise you.

Several years ago, I actually spent a few nights in a campground while in the area for a downtown meeting and had a great time.  I actually was tent camping and got to enjoy not only all that a large city like D.C. has to offer but the great outdoors as well.  If you’ve never considered this, let me give you a few reasons that you may want one of your summer camping trips to be to the Nation’s Capital.

Lodging in the downtown area of D.C. or even the outlying communities can be expensive.Lincoln Memorial at Dusk  A cheaper hotel in the area will start at well over $100 per night.  Campgrounds can be a very good way to save money whether in a tent or RV.  Cherry Hill Park, the closest campground to downtown for example, has tent sites starting at $53 per night and RV sites starting at $68.  And, if you stay just a little further out, prices get even lower.  With a little Internet research, we were able to find tent sites for as little as $16 per night close to the D.C. Metro lines.  Since many of the major attractions in the D.C. area are free to the public, this may be one of the less expensive trips you take this summer!

The $16 site we mentioned was at the Greenbelt Park located in Greenbelt Maryland and operated by the National Park Service.  Located just 12 miles from D.C. the park features a 174 site campground with specific site reservations, nine miles of trails, and three picnic areas.  The campground is open all year round. The campground is known for its affordability, safety, peaceful surroundings, and National Park Service hospitality.  Please note that this park does take online, site specific reservations so you can plan your vacation in advance and be assured of a great site when you arrive.

Metro Rail Tri Rail StationIf you are staying outside D.C., one of the best ways to access everything the city has to offer during the day is via the Metro system.  Again, using Greenbelt Park as an example, there is a Metro stop only 3 miles from the park (1.6 if you walk), parking is only slightly over $5 per day on weekdays and free on the weekends and metro pass rates and routes can be found at

Of course campgrounds offer things to do in the evenings to unwind after a day in the Smithsonian, art museums, seeing the Whitehouse or any of the other amazing things to see and do in the Nation’s Capital.

For the best of the outdoors and the city that is Washington, D.C., find a campground and get out there!


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