Deer Camp by Dick Patton

Just a few years ago I lost my brother.  He had just always been there.  Now he’s not.

He had been only twelve years old when our father died, he had a sister three years older than himself, and mom was expecting me in just a couple of months.  He helped pick my name.

Growing up without a father, a brother twelve years older than you can be both a pro and a con.  We fought like cats and dogs (note to those with older siblings: when you are twelve years younger, you won’t win.  At least not until they get old.) and we certainly saw a lot of things very differently.

deer camp bookHowever, it was this older brother that took me camping, taught me to hunt, and even how to drive my first manual transmission.  He stepped up and served as the absent dad in a lot of ways himself even though he was, I’m sure, missing this in his own life.

A ‘jack of all trades and a master of none’, my brother was an amateur pilot, built a cedar strip kayak in his back yard, bottled his own root beer, reloaded ammunition, couldn’t sing but played guitar well and sure tried, and honestly never met a stranger.  He is missed by many.

Over the years through his own adventures or those that he learned of from others, he compiled quite a set of stories and several years ago decided to lay some of them down on paper for others to enjoy.

I don’t usually do book reviews and I am going to admit that as this was mostly self published, it contains probably more than it’s share of typos, spelling mistakes, and just plain goofs.  But, overall, my brother’s book ‘Deer Camp’ is a priceless comical view of deer camp in the West Virginia hills with a sprinkling of stories he picked up from so many.

If you are looking for an entertaining story and can tolerate a few mistakes, I am very proud to recommend ‘Deer Camp’, written by my brother who I miss every time I head into the woods – Dick Patton.

“In the state of West Virginia deer hunting is an obsession, a right of passage and a huge source of revenue for the state. A group of hunters from all walks of life annually meet at their favorite hunting ground to pursue the elusive white tail deer and to relax for a week among friends. During one particular season many events happen to them, some humorous and some less than comical, but they all seem to have both long-term and short-term effects on the lives of these hunters. From coming of age, to coming to terms with who they are, to coming just to get drunk, this varied group of people form a band of close friends who seem to have the time of their lives enjoying their annual excursion to DEER CAMP.”

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