Campsite Cooking

I love to eat.  I actually, also, love to cook.  Especially when camping.  From simple breakfasts to elaborate dinners, there’s just something about cooking in the outdoors that makes the food taste that much better.  For all of the types of food to be prepared there are practically as many ways to do the actual cooking.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to feed the troops.

campstoveFirst, in my opinion, every campsite can benefit from the camp-stove.  With several options and manufactures to choose from, you may be cooking with propane, Coleman fuel, or
even unleaded gasoline.  Either way, the ability to light the stove and start the coffee or fry the fish without the effort of lighting the ole campfire is something that can be really appreciated on cold mornings or rainy evenings after a hard day of fishing.  I have used all of the fuel types listed above and today my go-to is propane but I have had good luck with them all and, again, the backpackstoveconvenience is great.  Backpacking single burner models are also available for lightweight carry or for when you don’t have much room in your camp supply box.


Another sometimes over-looked option is Sterno Cooking Fuel.  sternoWhen I was younger, it was pretty common for us to punch some holes in the bottom of a metal coffee can, invert it over a lit can of Sterno, and voila’, instant stove.  Again, Sterno packs easily and can provide several hours of cook time or emergency heat if needed.


Of course, we an’t forget the grill.  Whether it is a grill over your campfire pit, a charcoal drunkenchickengrill, or maybe even a propane grill that you bring with your RV or in your pickup truck.  This
is probably the most convenient approach for cooking burgers, chicken, or those occasional steaks.  If you like the flame kissed crunchiness a grill can add or the distinct taste that is only available with charcoal, this may be the thing to stick with.  One of my favorite grill recipes is the ‘Drunken Chicken’ where a whole chicken is stood on end with a partially full beer can in the body cavity and literally steamed from the inside as it cooks.  Slather on some BBQ sauce as it cooks and these birds are an amazing addition to your camping feast.

roasthotdogsFinally, there is the trusty campfire itself.  While the kids love the hot-dogs, marshmallows, and s’mores that are campground staples, there is so much more you can do with the coals of that evening fire.  From roasting potatoes or ears of corn to full meals, no-one needs to go hungry if they have some simple ingredients and a hot fire.

Another one of my favorites is the ‘Silver Turtle’ – wrap a couple of ground beef patties,silverturtle some slice potatoes, carrots, and onions along with salt and pepper in an aluminum foil packet and place directly in the coals.  Turn occasionally until the beef is cooked through.  Yum!

We will soon be posting some of our favorite campground recipes for readers to enjoy.  Until then, get out there and get creative!

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