Barnett Jackal CrossBow

Beginning with the 2015 hunting season, the state of West Virginia introduced a crossbow deer huntinghunting season for a large portion of the state which runs concurrently with the State’s existing archery season. (For more information please visit West Virginia’s DNR hunting page)

Anyway, I had always been interested in hunting with a crossbow but prior to this change, you could only legally hunt with one in West Virginia if you had a physical inability to hunt with a traditional bow and obtained a special permit.  The change in this law gave me a chance to look into it a little more.

I shopped around a good bit.  I didn’t want to spend a fortune but I also didn’t want to put money into an unreliable bow that wouldn’t meet my needs.  I finally decided to purchase the Barnett Jackal which had some really good reviews and I found on sale at my local Walmart.  So far, I have not been disappointed.

jackal_side_viewThe Jackal is a good fit for me.  With 150lb draw weight and 315fps speed, I think it is an excellent first crossbow for hunting whitetail in the hills of West Virginia.  I admit that I did see a few negative reviews mixed in with the positive as I was researching but I like the look of it with the high definition camo finish and I find it comfortable to hold.  Granted, it may be a little heavier and louder than some but I like some of the features it came with and really enjoy firing it.

In addition to the aluminum riser and a CNC Machined 7/8″ Picatinny Rail, I found that the anti-vibration foot stirrup is nice and wide so it works well with large hunting boots or shoes and the other additional features are:  Finger Reminders and Pass-Through Foregrip, Lightweight Composite Stock,  CROSSWIRE® String and Cable System.

barnett jackal crossbowThe package I purchased include the Premium Red Dot Sight, a 3 Arrow Quiver, and 3 20″ Headhunter Arrows.

In addition to the items included, I opted to purchase a rope cocking device and a shooting stick to make things a little easier.  I also have opted to use mechanical broad heads for deer hunting.

The only negative I would note so far is that the red dot sight doesn’t appear to have an auto shut off and if you are like me and forget to turn it off, you are likely to find yourself with a dead battery and no sights when you need them.

Overall, I am pleased with the crossbow and look forward to many years of use.

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