A Handy (and warm) Gadget

zippo_handwarmer2So, I recently got myself something I had been considering for a while but wasn’t sure I needed.  Hey, it was pretty cheap so, why not?  Looking back, I wish I had bought it sooner!

The Zippo Hand Warmer comes in two different sizes, the 6 hour and the 12 hour version. And, since I normally end up sitting in the woods for several hours on those cold November days of rifle season, I opted for the longer lasting version.

This catalytic heater is easy to use – decide how long you want it to stay warm, use the included plastic fuel measurement container to add the right amount of fuel, apply a flame to the catalytic burner for a few seconds (I use my Zippo lighter for that), put the top on, and then let it warm up.  The warmer comes with a cloth bag that it should be placed into while in use to keep it from being too warm.

As a catalytic heater, there is no open flame.  Just a steady heat that feels great in your pocket or muff.  (Suggestion – you may want to buy two of these heaters if you want to keep your hands in separate pockets)

Amazingly, these hand warmers DO stay warm for the full 6 or 12 hours at the same level of heat.  In the past I sometimes used items like the ‘Hot Hands’ packs but, while they were very warm at the beginning of the morning, they lost heat throughout the next few hours.

Anyway, if you have a friend or family member that is outdoors during cold weather and might like warmer hands, I suggest you consider a Zippo Hand Warmer as a stocking stuffier this Christmas!

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